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Some of the photos taken for or shared with photo101 course for March 2015. I’m looking forward to using the photography lessons I learned through this course. Thanks to WordPress staff for providing this. ūüôā I had fun with blogging this month.

No Sanctuary

The white-tailed doe ran through the woods alone.
She’d left her fawns in patch of thick, green fern.
Obeying her, the twins appeared as stone
and waited silently for her return.

A pack of coyotes
sneaked through the brush
where the young ones lay.
At the sound of their cries,

the doe rushed back to patch of thick, green fern
which now lay trampled on the still-warm ground.
Her nostrils flared and burned as though with fire.
The white-tailed doe ran through the woods alone.

© 2015 Freeda Baker Nichols

Dear Editor “Blogging 101”

¬© Freeda Baker Nichols’ Blogging 101 Assignment: Targeting my audience. Feb. 4, 2015

Ozark Calendars Editor
Ozark, Ozarks

Dear Editor:

I have admired your beautiful calendars for years. In fact, since I was a child. Mother always bought your calendars. Year after year, one of your calendars hung on the wall in our modest little home out on the mountain. Mother’s gone now, and Papa, too.  I don’t live on the mountain anymore.
But I live close by. And I’ve become a photographer.

Many, many people have told me that my pictures would be good in calendars. I tend to agree. So I’ve prepared this portfolio to send to you in hopes that you will see how these pictures resemble the kind of pictures you always print on your calendars.









this is Mama Cat
she had two litters of cats
and she’s retired now







this here is Twister
I wanted to name him Storm
but Mister said no







this cat is Calvin
he likes to hunt and climb trees
he once caught a shrew







the brown goat, Copper,
loves to run on the hillside
in Ozark Mountains


So, Dear Editor, this is just a sample of my many pictures. If they appear to be to your liking, and if you should like to see more samples, it will be my pleasure to send them to you. And so, I will close now.

Yours truly,

a photographer in the Ozarks

On A Sunny Day

On A Sunny Day

The sun came out today
and a dark cloud hid its face
when sunbeams cast a light across the blue.
Little lambs ran to play.
A monkey joined in the race,
also two donkeys and a kangaroo.
They skipped and hopped along
like marching in a parade
headed to the main street of Happy Town.
They stopped to sing a song
beneath a tree in cool shade,
and then they played until the sun went down.

© 2015 Freeda Baker Nichols

DSC_0866 - Copy-1Where the grass is greener . . .OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA






This poem is the KERF pattern, 12-lines arranged in four groupings of 3 lines each with syllable count of 6-7-10 and a rhyme scheme of abc, abc, def, def.
My poem turned into¬†one for¬†children, but this pattern works well for general poems, as well. To the poets, I think you’ll like this form. Why not try one?

Quoting Walt Whitman

“The secret of it all, is to write in the gush, the throb, the flood, of the moment–to put things down without deliberation–¬†without worrying about their style–without waiting for a fit time or place. . .¬† By writing at the instant the very heartbeat of life is caught.”¬† Walt Whitman





Photos & poem: Copyright, Freeda Baker Nichols



All of a sudden! Lickety-split! I thought for sure, he'd had a fit! He jumped onto another limb and hid so well I couldn't see him.

All of a sudden! Lickety-split!
I thought for sure, he’d had a fit!
He jumped onto another limb
and hid so well I couldn’t see him.