My Walk in the Forest

Owl photo, copyright 2013 by Dianne

Owl photo, copyright 2013 by Dianne


My walk in the Forest 

When wild, soft pink azaleas grow
where bluebirds sing
beside the spring
that starts a sparkling stream to flow
through ancient hills
past watermills
to fill the creek bed to its brink,
I tiptoe through
the north bayou
by water hole where hoot owls drink.

© Freeda Baker Nichols

Two Chosen Captions–contest winners

“Whoa, I called shotgun first. What am I doing back here?”

This caption was written by Hilary Baker of Oregon.

I think this dog looks disappointed that someone else got to ride in the passenger seat. With Chuckwagon Races going on in my hometown at this time, this seemed to work well as a caption for this photo.

“Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam and the deer and the antelope play.”

This caption was written by Calla Linn of Arkansas. I loved the idea of this dog singing a great song, Home on the Range.  I could just see him wanting to chase the buffalo, the deer and the antelope. After all, he is a blue heeler.



Pony of Mine

Pony, take me south to see
mountains, meadows. Lucky me!
Take me past the waterfall
trot by woods where trees are tall;
prance along the forest trail
by the stream where leaf-boats sail;
race the wild ones you’ve befriended,
play until the day has ended.
Tell all of your friends goodbye
as the sun drops from the sky.
Make your little feet take flight
homeward bound before the night.
In your stable may you sleep,
Little Pony, mine to keep.

© Freeda Baker Nichols

Free Verse


Paisley moon shadows–
a canopy above pine trees
near a marsh
where dogs bay in hunt
for the buck trapped there.
Young dogs not smart enough
to catch the deer, and old ones
not able to rush him. A steed whinnies
and its hooves jar the ground,
alerting the fish in Cade Hollow Creek
which runs catty-corner across Nimrod Park.


The buck flees, the dogs circle,
and the game warden smiles
while on the hill a hunter
holsters his rifle.

© Freeda Baker Nichols

A Poem That Rhymes

Super Snooper

Up the hill and over the way,River
my puppy, Snooper, ran, one day.
Where did he go, what did he find?
Everything that was left behind.
He found a coat of Bobby Joe’s,
and a suit of his Sunday clothes.
He also found one of his shoes
and wrappers from the gum he chews.
Where’s Bobby Joe, I wondered then
and so I stopped to ask his friend.
Well, haven’t you heard, don’t you know
what has happened to Bobby Joe?
Do you think I’d ask, if I knew?
I only know Snoop found his shoe,
his jacket and his Sunday clothes,
a gum wrapper–do you suppose
he moved without saying goodbye?
I feel so sad I think I’ll cry.
Oh, no, don’t cry, said Bobby’s friend,
he will be coming back again.
I found out that Bobby Joe
had asked his dad if they could go
to Disneyland when spring break came
and so they both climbed on a train
that zipped away to Disneyland.
They are still there, you understand–
they’re having fun and laughing loud
among the dancing Disney crowd.
My puppy barked and dashed away
down the hill on that cool spring day.

© 2015 Freeda Baker Nichols