Old Sport Loved Peanuts

The peanuts grew on the bank of a stream that gurgled through the south pasture of our farm at Tame Valley.  My siblings and I had to help pick the peanuts when it was harvest time. I hated pulling the vines from the clinging, dark soil. I didn’t like shaking the dirt from the plants.  So I complained a lot. Didn’t do any good. I still had to help.

I preferred playing with our dogs, Old Sport and little Brownie. But I couldn’t play until all the peanuts were harvested.  Mama told me not to let Sport eat the peanuts.  He liked peanuts. But I knew Mama thought our big family would need them for snacks. So I obeyed.

Later, that winter our family gathered in the living room when snow fell like goose feathers flying through the air.  Mama parched peanuts in a tin pan on the wood stove.  The peanuts tasted so good, warm and salted.  When Mama wasn’t looking, I was tempted to drop some peanuts on the floor for Sport.  But I didn’t.

And I regretted it because Sport died the next spring before planting time. When I got older, I knew that if Mama had known Sport would die, she would have given him her share of the peanuts.  And I would have given him mine also. © Freeda Baker Nichols


  1. spunkonastick says:

    Aw. You never know when it’s an animal’s time though. We spoil ours daily now.

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  2. patlaster says:

    I love this. We didn’t have to pull the vines, but we all loved peanuts and still do. Did you perchance write this at HP the year the mentor had a bunch of peanuts for our creative beginning? I wrote one that year, too. It’s in my latest book, Hiding Myself into Safety. Xoxo PL


    • Thanks. Actually I did write this at HP but I revised it for this post. And the doggies in the photo are no longer alive. They belonged to the grandsons. I spent hours looking for the picture that seemed to fit this. Then had to add the little dog to the story because he was in the picture. Dogs’ names in the story are not same as the real dogs’ names. I don’t have a copy of your book. Is that your latest? Did it sell well?


      • patlaster says:

        How does one determine if a book sells well? I can mail you one. Though we priced them at $12, I’ve been selling them for $10. If you come to NPD in October, I can bring you one then. Let me know if you want one. BTW, when I try to comment on WordPress, all I get is a blank page. I used to have the ability to access it. I still remember the password, but I can’t even get any text from them. PL


        • Freeda Baker Nichols says:

          Your comments are coming in and I’m replying here on WordPress. How did you send this comment? Did you go through Facebook? And yes bring the book poetry day. Planning to be there. I don’t know how to fix WordPress where you can comment.


          • I wish I knew how to tell you to comment. Always enjoy your comments. I didn’t know you needed a password. Thought you could comment from the email you receive. If you see DJ you might ask if she has any problem. She comments often.


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