Tonight, it seems that I should write and yet I find I’ve nothing much to say. But I will begin with this paragraph in hopes tomorrow the words will flow, or perhaps the day after tomorrow . . .


And so, this is tomorrow . . . “Call of the Cadron” is my first novel, published in 2012. The picture at right shows my well-worn, underlined copy of “The Basic Patterns of Plot” by Foster Harris.  It’s the book I studied through the University of Oklahoma’s Journalism Correspondence Course, some years ago. It was my guideline for plotting my first novel, and it’s still my guide as I pursue my writing goals.

Successful writing is many things–winning a poetry or writing contest, being published by magazines or newspapers, self-publishing, having your work accepted by a publisher or sharing your masterpieces on social media. And when a reader compliments your stories by saying, “When are you writing something else for the paper?” and then she continues to say that she clips your stories and saves them, that’s when you know beyond a doubt that writing is your destiny–and that’s all that matters.

© Freeda Baker Nichols


  1. spunkonastick says:

    Yes it is!


  2. patlaster says:

    Good to see both book covers again. I truly treasure Foster Harris’s book you found and gave me. I’m working on a memoir AND a compendium of journal jottings, both about halfway finished. We have a 4-person writing group around this community and it very helpful and excited about what they do. I can never comment on WordPress, though I thought I had a way in. I know I had a password because I still remember it. However, when I try to comment, I get a blank screen. Had to buy a new weed eater today; my old one finally gave out. BUT I have 2 18 volt batteries—one knew—that the new machine will not use. Must put a note in the site for swapping/ trading/ giving, etc. Hope your/ Gene’s day has been good. Mine has. xoxoPL


    • Hey, great to hear from you! I’ve received your comment this time. and one other recently. After you have been approved, and you have been, you should be able to comment without a problem. Would love to hear from you, again. Gene and I have had a good day.


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