Banner Mountain Girl # 68 – a Lai form of poetry

This poem is a Lai, an ancient French form. I’m sharing the pattern along with my first attempt at writing a Lai.  Interesting use of rhyme in this little ditty.

Not So Happy Valentine

5 a —  On Valentine’s Day
5 a —  she ventured to say,
2 b —  be mine.
5 a —  His reply was nay
5 a —  and she felt dismay.
2 b — Bad sign,
5 a — for Cupid’s display
5 a — to rudely convey
2 b — decline.

© Freeda Baker Nichols


6 comments on “Banner Mountain Girl # 68 – a Lai form of poetry

  1. Teresa Klepac says:

    I like that you are trying your hand at a form you haven’t written before. This one made me laugh! That’s a good thing 🙂

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  2. I’ve never heard of this form, but it seems like a good writing exercise. And, yes, he was rude!

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  3. Good structure.


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