Banner Mountain Girl # 63– Along the River – page 107

Along the River

Along the River

I brushed my hair the way I
always do and dressed in clothes
I wear to church and . . . funerals.
I attended a reception for the debut
of an anthology of contemporary
Arkansas poetry. I shook hands with
people—each person present was
strikingly different from the others.
Each one had arrived into this life
in much the same way–from his or her
mother’s womb. Some had been born
again, into a spiritual life, while others,
perhaps, hadn’t accepted God’s Grace.
My elbow didn’t touch another’s elbow
and yet . . . that’s why I was there.
I signed my autograph for the first
time and for a few more times.
A heart-felt poem, created long ago,
was brought to life on page 107
to live or die within the realm
of perception. And I became a poet
“Along the River.”

© Freeda Baker Nichols

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2 comments on “Banner Mountain Girl # 63– Along the River – page 107

  1. I, too, was there that night, long ago – and it was a truly a memorable night – a gathering of individuals who expressed the light within – with their words. A treasured book that still sits – among thousands, upon my bookshelves.

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    • Thank you! How exciting, after these many years, to hear from someone whose poetry is included in the anthology “Along the River.” After seeing your comment, I took my copy from the shelf and read again your poem there. It’s nice of you to comment here. I appreciate it. And I, too, treasure my copy of the book.


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