9 comments on “Banner Mountain Girl # 53– HAPPY NEW YEAR

  1. jenna noel says:

    such an elegance in this photograph


  2. spanishwoods says:

    Oh those cedar waxwings are so very, very beautiful. Wonderful capture.

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  3. Comcast says:

    Hi Freeda….this was in my inbox this morning….love all your bird pictures. Hope you, Gene and family have a good 2018. How are you doing? Hope some of your issues have cleared up. Hope the wrist is doing well

    I have hardly been on facebook lately, mostly just scanning. I see you all are having some bbbrrrr weather. Y’all keep warm. It is cold here too, down to freezing last night…..I just plan to hibernate as usual. 😊




    • Hi there, Martha . . . so glad to hear from you. I hope y’all have a good new year, too, in 2018. Time sure does fly by, doesn’t it? My hand has improved a lot, just a little stiffness in my fingers. Other health issues still being treated, but improving.
      Yes, our weather is really cold, right now. Not my favorite kind of weather! Our temperature was 9 degrees this morning. It should not last many days — which is a good thing. I am also hibernating, but if the snow comes, I might get out for a short walk through that. Love a good snow that goes away in a few days!


  4. I wish the same to you!

    Another one of my favorite birds!

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