I Should Have Been a June Bride

Reblogging this about my October wedding.

Freeda Baker Nichols

I should have been a June bride, but circumstances beyond my control caused my wedding date to be changed from June to October — my favorite month of the year.  I chose a Saturday for the wedding, the 24th day of the month — one month following my 19th birthday.  Back in those days, couples in love got married.

Marriage seemed the right thing at the time and in the years since then, I’ve discovered that it was  not only a good decision, it has proved to be a happy experience–one with no space for dull moments.

On the eve of our most recent anniversary, the second of our four children–all of whom are grown-up now–telephoned to wish her father and me a happy anniversary.  “I’m proud of you for being married so long,” she commended.  “Not everyone can say that to their parents.”

Her attitude interested me.  How could…

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2 comments on “I Should Have Been a June Bride

  1. The June tradition of brides was started in medieval times. June was the month the outside waters ran warm enough so the bride could be bathed and smelling wonderful for the groom. I am happy for you, and sad that for many. Love cools during the day and that love does not last.

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  2. I Wilkerson says:

    This was fun to read again Freeda! Love the title (and I re-thought all of my previous comments, except now we’re at 32 years married–woah!)

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