I Write for Many Reasons, but Most of All for Fun

This week, I’m reblogging this post from five years ago.

Freeda Baker Nichols

Freeda Baker Nichols (2)I am a writer, and I write.  Racehorses run races because they are compelled by forces larger than themselves and writers write because of an inner force too strong to be ignored.   I write to fulfil a need that I believe I was born with–a desire to put words into stories and poems, to create situations and re-live experiences in order to share with others. I write for fun and for profit.

When the wellspring within me overflows with ideas, I grab a pen and paper and write the ideas down.  I pay attention to detail, to unusual happenings, to unique and common conversations.  People are interesting to me.   I am one of the many inhabitants of this earth.  I write to communicate with others.

Writing is therapeutic but that’s not the reason I write.  In fact, I won’t write when I’m extremely sad because I don’t want sadness to show through and discourage others.  Optimism is…

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2 comments on “I Write for Many Reasons, but Most of All for Fun

  1. I went back and read the entire post on the original. I’m glad writing brought us together. I always enjoy your posts.


    • It was great to meet you at the Hemingway Writers Retreat and to have you join us at Central Arkansas Writers, where all of us worked on novels. I’m hoping to see your book in print one day soon.


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