My First Date

The Trent boys drove their dad’s old gray Ford truck
to town each Saturday to buy their goods
and groceries from Privitt’s Mercantile;
I worked there Saturdays from eight to four.
My eyes caught Cade the older of the two,
and I was plumb near dumbstruck lovesick blind
the way Cade’s sparkling eyes returned my gaze.
He caused my heart to summersault in flips,
my face to feel beet-red like flames of fire.
He handed me the cash for goods they bought
and turned to Luke, who now smiled wide enough
to show a row of teeth unmarked by Skoal.
Cade looked from me to him and said, “Here, Luke,
load up,” and quickly handed him a sack
of Idaho Irish, white potatoes.
“Naw, you load up,” Luke said to Cade and smiled
at me as though I were some beauty queen.
Luke stood nearby and watched me counting change
and grinned at me the entire, blessed time.
I checked my petticoat and nothing showed.
My face still hot, I took the dipper gourd
and dipped myself a drink from wooden pail.
Luke stepped up close; I trembled as he held
the bucket while I plunged the dipper down
into the water once more, offered him
a tasty sip this time. “Thank you,” he said
in tones as rich as mountain muscadines.
Cade blended somehow into burlap bags
and boxes, calico and denim bolts.
“Like to go see the picture show?” Luke asked,
the minute he and I were left alone.
“Well, yes,” I said, so eagerly I feared
he would recoil at any minute now.
He grinned again and I saw that his eyes
were bluer than his brother’s eyes, and he
was inches taller than his brother, Cade.
While movie actors talked, Luke held my hand.
As he drove home, I sat right next to him.
My ride in that old gray Ford logging truck
was fine as Cinderella’s in her coach.

© 2016 Freeda Baker Nichols


12 comments on “MY FIRST DATE

  1. Pat Durmon says:

    Freeda, this is so sweet. Love how you captured the details of eye contact. Cinderella story.


  2. love those first moments of feeling love…


  3. Very good! Very enjoyable!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love this! So sweet.


  5. Wow, what a beautiful story!


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