Today, I wrote a poem . . .

Nothing great, just something fun–this poem I wrote today. It takes a while for new creations to “jell” and so I’m not quite ready to share this new one.  I also photographed a bird today.  A dove.  A pair of doves fly into my yard each evening and feed before the redbirds get here. The doves are quiet, peaceful and polite. They are watchful, too. It’s a challenge to take a good photo of them.  But still I try, sometimes waiting a long time before they strike a pose that causes me to shoot–the camera.


Do you like the doves? This one looks like a good subject for a poem, or a story. Do you think so, too? If you wrote a verse about this dove, what emotion would your words convey? Sadness, happiness, loneliness, or something else?  Please leave a note in a comment below. Thanks.   –Freeda Baker Nichols

6 comments on “Today, I wrote a poem . . .

  1. I love the doves, too. This one seems pensive. I wonder what he’s thinking.


  2. Dot says:

    What a beautiful picture. Though your dove is not white, as depicted in the “dove of peace” art, I, too think it looks very peaceful and calm.


  3. Great photo of a dove, Freeda. It looks very wise and not easily rattled.


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