Voter’s Quandary

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Where the grass is greener . . .

Voter’s Quandary

Will I be glad when the election is over?
Do I value the find of a four-leaf clover?
You bet! The candidates make such a fuss
and disagree on the problems confronting us!
How wonderful though to live in the U.S.
where I may vote with a bold, secret yes
for a man or woman with courage to campaign
in a land where the sun overshadows the rain.
Each has a chance to win the election,
but first, the runner must prove perfection
or else he or she will be out of the race,
disappointed, embarrassed with a reddened face.
Whatever the outcome of the election will be,
I shall remain grateful to live where I’m free,
to be able to vote for my candidate of choice,
to stand tall and to test the tone of my voice.
Will I be happy or regret with a passion
that I voted at all? Now that is the question!

© Copyright, Freeda Baker Nichols

2 comments on “Voter’s Quandary

  1. Love this! I, too, am grateful to live where I can vote my conscience without fear of persecution. I will be so glad for this election to be over. Oh, dear, how to vote??

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