21 comments on “A Cat Tale

  1. Terrific kitty photos. Your kitty Calvin reminds me of my childhood cat, Zebra. How old is Calvin? What’s his personality like?


    • Thank you. Calvin is two years, going on three in the summer. He has a sweet personality. He is just a little older than Cougar, but they have the same mother. All three cats have the greatest personalities. One characteristic is that they follow us when we’re outside, and they lie down and roll over for us to scratch their tummies. All three are so gentle and loveable.

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      • Like you, I have three cats. Each one has a different personality. My Costello is a lap kitty, while Lily loves to bat at me through the stairway bannister. Hanks likes to quietly hum when I’m relaxing in the living room. They bring such joy to my life. Glad to hear you have such a wonderful family of kitties in your life.

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  2. RBblog says:

    Nicely captured. Is it your hobby? What camera you have used. You have 3rd eye.


  3. I Wilkerson says:

    Sounds like my cats! Cute post!

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  4. spunkonastick says:

    Calvin is king of the hay roll!

    Beautiful cats. We had a Calvin, but she was white.

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  5. Great picture story! I love it.

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  6. Dot says:

    A good post for cat lovers everywhere.


  7. This reminds me of Lola interrupting Max’s nap with similar results!


  8. great picture story…love cats…


  9. We have barn cats. Cougar and Calvin are beautiful.

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