Old Winter Man

Banner Mountain

Old Winter Man

The snow lay cold
on frozen leaves of brown–
a tale Old Winter Man foretold
across the woods and up the hills and down.
Along the pike
the frosted snowflakes fell
like feathers–no two shapes alike.
Old Winter Man conveyed the saga well.
The story’s old but new
from winter’s point of view.

© 2016 Freeda Baker Nichols

10 comments on “Old Winter Man

  1. I love your winter poem! And, your photos certainly capture the feeling of winter — love the deer. Your photographic work is stunning.


  2. Love the poem, and that photo of the deer stretching up to eat is wonderful.


    • Thanks. Those little deer were great pets. We bought them for the grandsons, but the boys took no real interest in them. As time went by, the big white goat died and we gave the brown one to a neighbor.


  3. Dot says:

    Nice poem and lovely pictures of course. Is the frozen roadway near you?


    • Dot, the frozen roadway is at Banner, leading away from my folks’ homeplace. That area is about 5 or 6 miles from where I live now. Picture is from a previous winter when we had lots of snow.


  4. winter …with it’s days of cold and snow…seems to make it different every year as you say…

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  5. daipayannair says:

    Beautiful finish !!


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