Just Writing

Today, I stopped by Hastings Book Store to check on sales of my novel. Not one has sold since I picked up my last check. Marketing my book is a slow process. The excitement of its newness seems to have worn off and nobody’s buying. I fulfilled my dream to publish a book. Although I’d published a couple of children’s books, “Call of the Cadron” was my first novel, which was released in 2012.  I’m working on a second one, called Ship in the Harbor. I’m also moving slowly toward completing this book. But, sooner or later, I’ll finish this one. Writing a book is no easy task. But it’s every writer’s dream to publish at least one book and if you’re lucky as well as skilled, you will turn out a second one that rates higher than the first one.—Freeda Baker Nichols

8 comments on “Just Writing

  1. wishing you the best on your next book…To get one published in itself would be outstanding…


  2. The marketing part of book publishing intimidates me. Don’t be discouraged. I think you’ve done a great job placing your book. Keep working on that next one.


  3. Catherine Johnson says:

    They say more books sells previous ones. I’m thrilled you are writing another, Freeda. Well done!


  4. Dot says:

    I know your discouragement at Hastings. Often it is where they shelve them. I picked mine up when they were in the very back of the store. Some books stores will feature “Arkansas Authors” and that is great. Marketing is my least favorite thing about being a writer.


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