To Move the Mountains


      To Move the Mountains

The mountain peaks are much too steep to climb
no matter how I move my anxious feet,
when melodies of life have lost their rhyme,
and darkest silence offers no retreat.
In ragged clothes that I am forced to claim,
I step unsure upon life’s numbered page,
a target far off course of youthful aim —
to walk with kings was then my pompous rage.
Yet when I look to hills beyond each peak
where One has promised when I walk in tune
with Him, I will find needed rest I seek,
like ospreys sleeping near soft, sandy dune.
Though paupers weep and kings will sometimes cry,
with God, tall mountains do not seem too high.

© Freeda Baker Nichols

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16 comments on “To Move the Mountains

  1. Lived in Arkansas as a young man… Had the opportunity to witness a black panther prowling the pitch black in the foothills on the old road between New Hope and Nashville… Many say they don’t exist. But mountains know they do. And so do I. I locked eyes with that green eyed darling for nearly a minute before her outline started to take shape on that starless night. I suppose that my stopped headlights bleached her vision for a moment – and then her majestic body sauntered so effortlessly and gracefully into the pine’s edge – disappearing into the cold mass of that black night…. Very few know the true glory and magnificent stature hidden within the hills and mountains of Arkansas. I think you do. Nice poem.


  2. really liked this “poem”… sonnet???…Not up on the poet’s language…but, it was lovely!


  3. Wow, that is powerful! I really enjoyed the imagery.


  4. Catherine Johnson says:

    That’s beautiful, Freeda. Are you going hiking? 😉


    • Thank you! Excuse me, Catherine, I don’t get the “hiking” question? Oh, you must be referring to the boots by the rocking chair?? My husband’s boots. LOL You wouldn’t believe my story if I told you why these two pictures are with THIS poem. Oh, my! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. vrpruett says:

    I left a comment, but don’t think it was posted. But I do like this poem.


  6. vrpruett says:

    Like this poem. 🙂


  7. patlaster says:

    Very poignant and well-crafted sonnet, friend. A winner somewhere? Did you enter National Poetry Day contests? Are you/Gene planning to drive down to attend it in LR? Oct. 3. Tonight, I cut and pasted bookmarks for the Authors’ Fair Saturday. NOW, if only the books arrive before then. pl

    *My new book, HER FACE IN THE GLASS, is now available on Kindle, and soon, the softback print book will be available at Amazon.*


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