When an Editor Asks

A Time to Mourn
When a newspaper editor asked me if I’d be interested in writing a column for the paper, and went on to say I could publish stories I’d stock-piled, even my fiction, in the form of a series, that is when I became excited and answered, yes!
The excitement grew stronger when I actually saw the title to one of my favorite stories in the local paper. And it was really great when friends told me they read the first installment and couldn’t wait to read the conclusion.
My excitement went over the top when my grandson, who is a high school senior, told me his friends read it and then he proceeded to tell me through Facebook what a talented author I am. How awesome! Readers of all ages! Talk about a pleased grandma!
I’m so thankful the editor of the Van Buren County Democrat showed an interest in my writing because I certainly am interested in writing the column for my hometown weekly newspaper—the Van Buren County Democrat!

8 comments on “When an Editor Asks

  1. dotlatjohn says:

    Pretty cool to have a grandson praise your writing on Facebook, no less!


  2. jimbobwey13 says:

    Great news for a great writer! The newspaper is the winner here–they got you. I am very proud to know you. Congratulations!


    • Thank you, Jim! It’s a chance of a lifetime, really. My column will run two instalments each month, a week apart. So far, my short stories are working out to fill the space I’ve been allowed, and the story concludes just a week later.


  3. Catherine Johnson says:

    That’s wonderful, Freeda!


  4. vrpruett says:

    Well so much of what you write is pretty interesting.


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