Always, the Summer

the summer comes,
comes drifting
drifts lazily
like white clouds.
Like white clouds
drifting with the summer,
someone cares about you.
I love the summer.

© Freeda Baker Nichols
From Tigers and Morning Glories . . .
a journey into poetry . . .
Summer clouds

10 comments on “Always, the Summer

  1. dotlatjohn says:

    I love summer, heat and all!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Catherine Johnson says:

    What a beautiful poem!


  3. Such a lovely poem. I share your sentiments. And, beautiful photographs!


  4. vrpruett says:

    🙂 been a while since you last shared. But summers do keep s busy at times, along with daily life.


    • Yes, I’m running behind. I’m now sharing my stories with our local paper. A new venture for me, and some of them may be my fiction stories. Looking forward to that. They will appear in segments, to be continued. This is new for me. Happy about it. The editor asked if I would be interested, and there’s pay with it. 🙂 So I am!


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