From my files . . . of 1978

From my Journal: dated 3 July 1978

Still, no thoughts come to me.  I am tired of waiting. It seems I never will succeed in writing. Once, I held high my hope and desire to write.  Now, it all seems useless.  If I do succeed, what happiness will it bring to me . . . or to anyone? —Freeda Baker Nichols

Hemingway’s advice makes it sound easy. Write one true sentence, he said.
What about you? Do you find writing to be an easy task? Or does it seem to be a tough assignment at times?

8 comments on “From my files . . . of 1978

  1. Catherine Johnson says:

    I think it’s it’s essential to go on a break and read in that time and paint 😉


  2. It’s fun when you’re on a roll – it’s tough when you get stuck, receive too much editing advice and don’t know where to go with your story. You’ve kept with it! It’s not meant to be easy!


  3. vrpruett says:

    Well you ended up being a very good writer. 🙂


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