A New Photo and an Old Journal Entry

woodpecker in flight

Red-bellied woodpecker in flight as a blue jay waits his turn at the feeder.

Ten Things I Want To Do Again

1.  Swim

2.  Picnic

3. Talk to my best friend, Margie.

4. Walk along the River Walk in San Antonio, Texas.

5.  Sit at the dining table with my husband and our children, talking, laughing, remembering good times we have had.

6. Listen when my husband or one of the children praise me or thank me for some small thing I’ve done.

7.  Go to Church.

8. Visit friends.

9.  Travel.

10. Walk in the woods.

What ten things would you like to do again?

17 comments on “A New Photo and an Old Journal Entry

  1. Catherine Johnson says:

    Great idea and lovely list, Freeda.


  2. Donna says:

    That is an awesome photo


  3. patlaster says:

    What about writing? Nothing about writing is on your list. I am surprised. xoxo


    • Hi Pat. LOL That’s because I was actively writing then, and the list was of things I wanted to do again. So I don’t know why “go to church” is on there. This list is dated 1977 except for the last three. Number 8 is dated in 1981. Last two, I just now added. 🙂 This was a writing suggestion from somewhere.


  4. spunkonastick says:

    My list would include a lot of traveling. Return to England, go visit my favorite theme parks again, go back to the House on the Rock in Wisconsin…


  5. Run, dance, sing, play the piano and travel more.


  6. vrpruett says:

    Well I would have to give some thought about what 10 things I would like to do again.


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