April in the Ozarks

When it’s April in the Ozarks
and the birds are on the wing,
when the showers falling gently
cause the meadowlark to sing.
The bird of blue fights the sparrow
and wins the honor to nest
inside the little house of wood
with its doorway facing west.
When it’s April in the Ozarks
and it’s time to welcome spring,
in a garden filled with flowers
there’s a bluebird who is king.

© 2015 Freeda Baker Nichols


16 comments on “April in the Ozarks

  1. I Wilkerson says:

    Spectacular! This made me miss real spring–the weather has turned cold here again:(. I keep reminding myself that your seasons are ahead and I just need to be patient..


    • Now and then it is still cool, but not cold. Wind was strong today, needed a long sleeve or light jacket for a walk. But spring is here. The birds are into nest-building and I enjoy watching them and taking pictures.


  2. Donna says:

    Reblogged this on homemade naturally and commented:
    Such a pretty picture and perfect poem to go with it so just wanted to share.


  3. Robyn Campbell says:

    Oh, Freeda, I love bluebirds. I have a poem about them too. We have a birdhouse for them. This poem of yours shines. It’s a poem to be treasured. The photograph is gorgeous. I almost have enough money to buy the camera I want. YaY. Thanks for sharing, my friend.


  4. Anonymous says:

    Very good poem 🙂


  5. unizonepoetics says:

    Reblogged this on poetry zone.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Reblogged this on Velda Brotherton and commented:
    I can’t help sharing this poem and photo with all my followers on this lovely Ozarks morning.


  7. Your poem made me want to dance in the rain, pick flowers, run barefoot through the grass. And the photo is gorgeous. Thanks for making my day.


  8. dotlatjohn says:

    I can almost sing your poem. It’s so sweet and I love your shot of the king.


    • That would be nice — to hear the poem set to music. Glad you like it. I love my pair of bluebirds. Hope I’ll get to see their baby birds, but the birdhouse is up so tall, I doubt I’ll get to see them.


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