Bluebird Kind of Day

As a writer, I sometimes need a day, like today, to slow me down. A day to allow my thoughts to dwell on my next idea for a story. Today was that kind of day.  A little rain. Lots of birds to watch. A few pictures to snap. Time for coffee this morning and tea this afternoon. No deadlines to reach. Nothing that I had to do today.  But I worked on photo101’s assignment in WordPress, and in doing that, I photographed a bluebird.

This beautiful bluebird is a sign of spring.  She and her mate are hanging around the birdhouse. The sparrows are around there, too. One year, the sparrows took over the bird box and the bluebirds built their nest in the trees. They are a gentle bird, the sparrows not so gentle. Herein lies conflict. This may be a springboard for a short story.  Or a poem. Surely, there’s a haiku lurking around here someplace.

But I won’t write it on my bluebird day.

In her book, “Basic Story Techniques” Helen Reagan Smith said “Writing itself is work; good writing is hard work.”

This has been a day of rest from my writing, with the exception of this blog post.  Instead, I chose to think of things to write, to experience joy and peace. To refresh.

Tomorrow is another day. It’s Thursday, and I wish for you a bluebird day!

—Freeda Baker Nichols


14 comments on “Bluebird Kind of Day

  1. I Wilkerson says:

    Last week our furnace went out and we had a dinner party. I’d like a bluebird day this week, please!


  2. JOAN CLARK says:

    I really love this. New phrase added to my vocabulary. Thank you for a lovely read.


  3. JOAN CLARK says:

    I have a new phrase added to my vocabulary. “Blue Bird Day” is the kind of day I really look forward to. Called my granddaughter and told her I was having a “Blue Bird Day.” She giggled and said “I’m so glad you are feeling better.” Gotta love that girl.


  4. I think the phrase…”a Blue Bird day”… may come to mind now…when I’m in need of rest and regrouping…Thanks!


  5. Good Woman says:

    Don’t we all sometimes need that day off? i love the rather casual nature of this post and the wonderful picture of the blue bird. I actually some some blossoms on a tree today so spring is here.


  6. Lovely post. And, such a beautiful moment with a bluebird. I hope it’s a sign of spring.


  7. dotlatjohn says:

    Wonderful post. I enjoyed reading about your observations–expressed beautifully.


    • So glad to see you as a reader, my friend. My posts will be showing up on Thursdays now. I think I will like this schedule. But the photos, captions, and perhaps haiku will continue at random.


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