15 comments on “Day Twelve – Architecture

  1. Love historical building. It has to be quite old if built of stone, because most barns built in the past 100 years have been of wood. It reminds me of a barn you’d find in Europe.


  2. love barns too…probably the relationship with animals…
    this one would be quite sturdy!…sorry it’s not being used!


  3. dotlatjohn says:

    Looks like it’s partly of stone, which is unusual in my experience. Wonder what influenced that?


    • My imagination runs with me about this one. Maybe the stone was picked up to clear the farmland, and it was available and would be durable through the years. ? You think? There were round bales of hay near the barn, but I didn’t see any animals. Might have been around on the back forty! 🙂


  4. I like the looks of old barns.


  5. siterinadi says:

    My family used to watch a lot of cowboy movies when I was younger; I grew up thinking that every family in America had a barn in their backyard 🙂


  6. Photos of old barns are some of my favorites. Thanks for sharing this one and I pinned it to my Pinterest board.


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