Creating Characters . . .

Creating characters is not easy.  But it helps when you think of BEST SOAP and make sure each of your characters represents Best Soap.

DSCF6133 (3) B = background

E = emotions

S = station

T = thoughts

S = speech

O = opinions

A = actions

P = physical descriptions

The small bar of soap in the center of the picture is from my New England vacation when I stayed at the Emerson Inn by the Sea, a lodging in Rockport, Massachusetts that has a “Ralph Waldo Emerson” room. It is said that the original hotel where Emerson spent time is part of the present establishment.


This lovely bed and breakfast--the Emerson Inn by the Sea--is where Ralph Waldo Emerson spent some time.

This lovely bed and breakfast–the Emerson Inn by the Sea–is where Ralph Waldo Emerson spent some time.







This post is the “first” of my new schedule. My goal is to post on Thursdays. This month I’m committed to photo101 with Wordpress and I will continue posting photos, at random. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate my readers. Thanks to all who view and/or comment. Do you know your comments are like stars above my Banner Mountain here in the Ozarks, where I first dreamed of writing?

Freeda Baker Nichols

7 comments on “Creating Characters . . .

  1. I too…was wondering about “station”…thanks to Catherine…I didn’t have to ask!…
    Changing the subject… love different kinds of soaps…I always buy homemade ones at any craft fair…and in specialty stores … sometimes it’s the smell…sometimes the packaging…sometimes the ingredients and color…
    love the new post idea!


  2. Catherine Johnson says:

    I love this, Freeda. Looking forward to your new posts. Can you explain what you mean by station?


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