DSC_0127 (6)That hour when the sun is still yawning.

Photo one: black and white

DSC_0127 (4)

Peace to all who view. Alone. No thoughts to camouflage. No interrupting sound.

Photo two: filtered

DSC_0127Solitude. Think. Smile. Feel happy. Get a toehold. Refresh. Watch the sunrise.  Just be.

Photo three: original


Photo101: Solitude  Day Five

Which frame do you like best?

20 comments on “Photo101-Solitude

  1. original…natural colors to me are the best!


  2. tjparis says:

    I like the third shot best.

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  3. Camille says:

    I love the B&W photo. (Although the other two are beautiful, too). It evokes a more melancholic sense. It gives the feeling of “solitude” more. At least for me.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures,


  4. dotlatjohn says:

    I love the caption for the b/w but I think I like the original photo best.


  5. ccranney says:

    Really captures solitude! I love the black and white the best. The dove kind of magically appears after the initial glance. Great foreground and background…

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  6. I think the first, although very cold looking it fills me with thoughts of winter, stodgy tummy fillers, roaring fires and the tremendous beauty of the beautiful English countryside on a frosty morning.


  7. Catherine Johnson says:

    Lovely photos, Freeda. This is making me want to lie under a willow tree on a hammock.

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