Bliss in Ozarks’ Winter

DSC_0110 (4)
From the maple, a blue jay zooms down to the feeder. Somebody said, “Snow!”

DSC_0914 (3)
Weatherman was right! But this is a small helping compared to New England.

photo101 – Day four – Bliss

These photos of Ozarks’ birds are my take on the photo101 assignment– bliss. Photography is one of my hobbies. Birds are a good subject and fun to watch.  When the snow fell last night, a delightful morning greeted me with many fine-feathered friends (birds of all kinds) flying into, out of, and around the feeders.

Bliss means much more than snapping a camera: family is top of my list. For this assignment, I chose to focus on pictures of birds as they scrambled for feed in the Ozarks’ “small helping” of pristine snow.

14 comments on “Bliss in Ozarks’ Winter

  1. that’s what I find fun with photos…you just happen on one sometime that is just perfect!


  2. The blue jay photo is incredible! Great job!

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  3. Cool! You cpatured it at just the right moment!

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  4. Great shots. I’m enjoying the birds, too.


  5. spunkonastick says:

    That bluejay shot is amazing. He’s diving down on somebody.


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