Swans on the Lake

DSC_0623 (2)

DSC_0622 (2)
Day Three – Water (photo101)                                       Swans on the Lake

In this photo experiment with photo101, the subject of water, I’ve chosen Lake Magness where swans come every winter to “vacation” here.  Which photo do you prefer? The horizontal or the vertical?

I’d love to hear from you. Thanks!

Freeda Baker Nichols

18 comments on “Swans on the Lake

  1. The horizontal is so peaceful…but, the vertical made the swans “pop”…liked that a lot!

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  2. Oh so beautiful. We long for spring. Beautiful job in capturing their movement.


  3. I Wilkerson says:

    I vote horizontal. You’d have a hard time doing a “water” assignment in Wisconsin right now!


    • Thank you. These pictures were taken last month. So much rain here, I couldn’t get out to look for water. Could have taken a photo of a mud puddle, I guess. 🙂 This afternoon, the sleet began and then snow fell. It might continue into the night.


  4. I’m not an expert where photography is concerned but i think i agree with Camille and Jerry.


  5. Catherine Johnson says:

    I think I prefer the horizontal. Great picture!


  6. Crisisalive says:

    I like the landscape more, but I think for the portrait if you placed the swans up farther in the picture they would be more the focal point. Lovely photo!


  7. Vertical. Hands down. Or, rather, “necks up.” : )


  8. Camille says:

    I like the landscape version more.

    But I think the portrait would work better with your foreground detail as the swans. A little more focus on the portrait would do the trick.



  9. The portrait orientation (tall) provides more foreground detail than the landscape orientation (wide).


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