Blue Blood

My grandmother.
Her braided hair wound
around her head twice. Her eyes
smiled when her lips did.
She sang delightfully–
like the voice of a robin in April.
Her hands were warm and strong.
They made awesome chocolaty
sweets. She gave me hugs–
whether I wanted them or not.
Her dog, Bulger, toothless and cranky,
was a bulldog. The highest breed.

© 2014 Freeda Baker Nichols

11 comments on “Blue Blood

  1. You write such vivid images in your poems. I love your grandmother as I feel like I know her.

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    • Thank you, Patricia. Did you miss my post about my top commenters on the blog? You are one of them, and I’ve been waiting for you to comment on it. It was up Dec. 1. Please take a look at it.


  2. I had only the one Grandmother also…Being the baby of my parents…She was my Mother’s Mom…Wore her long gray hair braided and then twisted on her head…
    She was not a friendly Grandma…which is while I swore I would be the best for my Grandkids…


  3. Catherine Johnson says:

    Lovely! I love ‘her eyes smiled when her lips did’

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  4. dotlatjohn says:

    Everyone needs a grandmother like yours!

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  5. Dot says:

    Thanks, Freeda. Made me think of my grandmother. Like you, I had only one. She had long coal black hair that she wore braided and wound around her head. She would let us comb and ‘fix’ it. Once I got a comb tangled up in it and she was so patient about it.

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  6. I too remember my grandma making chocolate fudge. No chocolate chips back then, Hershey coco. 🙂

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    • Actually, I remember only one grandparent, my mom’s mother. Both of my grandfathers and one grandmother had passed before I was born. My grandma did wear braided hair and she had an old bulldog, named Bulger. Not sure I ever saw the dog, but I heard stories of him.


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