The Way It Was . . . day before Thanksgiving



Hello, I’m Tacky Zacky and I was on my perch this morning and I saw the Mister and Missus who live in the house come out with a big pan of cornbread and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet.


They put the cornbread on a tray at the feeder for my feathered friends . . . and I’ve never seen a dish like this for birds. It was sprinkled with seeds and looked right pretty, come to think of it.


Pretty soon, the wren came by and she seemed to like the taste of the food on the tray.


The sparrow kept his eye out for any crumbs that might fall.


The wren was leaving no crumbs. She seemed delighted with such a feast.


The jaybird landed and appeared quite surprised. It’s not Thanksgiving Day yet, so what’s up here? Do I eat this stuff?


Never seen anything like it, but these people fed me all last winter. They scratched the bottom of the bucket many a day last year. So where’d they get this corn pone? Wonder if they got a gas well? Heard they’d been drilling out here on the mountain.


Hmmm. This is right tasty! I think I’ll take seconds.


This looks like a birthday cake! I heard the Mister and Missus were getting older. Maybe they had a birthday party and this was leftover. Knowing how they were born back in the Great Depression days, and they can’t throw any food away, no matter what. Yes, that must be it!


If everyone knew what I know, they might not want to eat that cornbread, or whatever you want to call it. You see, I heard the Missus tell the Mister that when she took out the cornmeal to make cornbread for their Thanksgiving chicken and dressing that she found a bug in the meal. And he told her, “A bug won’t hurt you. During the war, when I was stationed in the Philippines, all the bread they served us had bugs in it.”        But the Missus wouldn’t use that meal for her cornbread and she wouldn’t toss it out either.  So she made a huge skillet of cornbread . . . for the birds, she said. “Only had one bug in it.” Yep, that’s the way it was . . .


8 comments on “The Way It Was . . . day before Thanksgiving

  1. great story with the birds conversing…liked it!


  2. Catherine Johnson says:

    Great story!


  3. Anonymous says:

    All of the pictures are great

    Liked by 1 person

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