Why Keep A Journal?

A very good blogging buddy of mine suggested that I write about keeping a journal. Inger Wilkerson’s interest in my blog has encouraged me since she first commented on my posts and her comments continue to inspire me.

So here goes. Starting a journal in our fast-paced world can be challenging. You might ask, do I have time to keep at it?  In ten years, why would I want to look back at what’s happening now?

Looking back into your journal doesn’t mean that you’re getting old and can’t remember very well. For me, re-reading an entry allows me to enjoy a memory which often brings a smile.  I do filter my thoughts before jotting them down.  I keep my journal notes as positive as possible.

As a writer, a journal is my place to store ideas for stories, poems or novels. It’s a place to write a sentence, a paragraph or maybe a name I like, which might become the name of a character in a book. And so, that’s why I keep a journal.

I have other notes, too, that refer to family. And I wish I had written more about my children, grandchildren, my parents and my siblings. Notes help me remember special times in my life. As I get older, my journal becomes a treasure.  The short writings bring back a vivid memory of something that likely would never resurface on its own.

I prefer a type of journal that has bound pages.  However, many of my notes are first scribbled on scraps of paper, backs of envelopes, my iPad or iPhone to be transferred into the permanent file later.

If you think you’d like to start a journal, why not begin now?  Write in it regularly. Have fun with it. Make it at least a weekly routine. Remember to date each entry.

I hope my friend, Inger, whom I’ve never met, will begin a journal. She has a lovely blog and I invite you to click over to her website and see what she’s up to. She blogs here at Art of Natural Living.

8 comments on “Why Keep A Journal?

  1. Have kept a variety of journals throughout my life for various reasons. Even did a sacred burning of one as I felt it was time to move on. My journals about my spiritual journey has been with me for over 30 years. I also like gratitude journals.


    • Theme journals–what a good idea! My husband’s mother kept a diary for a short time. Now she’s gone and we have kept her diary. It’s interesting to me, and I’m thinking about sharing some of it in a post.


  2. I Wilkerson says:

    How excited I was to see this Freeda! And thanks for the mention. It really rings true what a treasure journals become and it’s a good tip that you wish you had written more about your family. I really do need to try to start one–next question paper or computer…


    • Your choice! Computer is faster, but also be sure to back it up often onto an external hard drive. A lot of my “Daily Writings” are on the computer or were done on the typewriter and then printed for my files. Thanks for viewing and commenting. Glad you saw this right away.


  3. dotlatjohn says:

    Most days I write in a journal and agree it’s a great source of blog and story ideas. Many of my posts begin on its pages.


  4. For a writer I would think keeping a journal would be a must. With all of the ideas, and as you said, keeping tract and remembering things you may or plan to use one day in your stories, poems or Novels would simply be to much to remember. So yes it is a good thing to have pen and paper at hand at all times. 🙂


    • What about you, Ginger? Do you have a journal or diary? I think you should start one. You have strong opinions, from what I see you post on Facebook, and you have a sense of humor, which is to be admired.


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