One More Excerpt from “Call of the Cadron”

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Excerpt from novel:

“They mounted the horses and rode down Moccasin Trail toward Spy Cave Falls, the waterfall hiding the entrance to the cave.

Jordan found comfort in riding beside Garrett. His strong hands on the reins reminded her that he could also be gentle. He was from a solid background, from a family with an unshakeable faith. His voice, rich and masculine, picked at her heartstrings. Something about him drew her thoughts to him almost daily now.

But she liked Michael, too, with his carefree ways, his sense of fun, and his ability to laugh even when life turned tragic. He talked freely of his family but she sensed that he kept much of his past to himself. The thing about him that worried her most was whether he had framed Garrett. She must confront him with that at the appropriate time.

Right now, a cow must be rescued from the cave.  Jordan and Garrett had responded to the urgent situation at hand.  Like a team.”


7 comments on “One More Excerpt from “Call of the Cadron”

  1. you are teasing us …aren’t you!


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