Seven Colors of Iris in Bloom

These pictures were taken today at my husband’s homeplace. His mother and my mother
both could make flowers grow with little effort. This post is created in memory of
two special mothers, and dedicated to all mothers everywhere. Happy Mother’s Day!







19 comments on “Seven Colors of Iris in Bloom

  1. I Wilkerson says:

    The irises are lovely–did you know they can be divided to make more? I have been saying I’m going to post how to do this for years (and have some people lined up to take divisions), so perhaps your pictures are the push I need. It will be June or July before they are ready in Wisconsin though (best done following flowering). A belated Happy Mother’s Day to you Freeda.


  2. Linda Baie says:

    I still have some I brought from my mother-in-law! Thanks for the pictures Freeda. Mine aren’t blooming yet, so will have to enjoy yours until they do. Happy Mother’s Day to you too!


  3. just beautiful…I have one of my Iris’ blooming…but, waiting in anticiapation for the other colors…Happy Mother’s Day Freeda…


  4. Martha york says:

    So, so pretty. Your Aunt Dixie had a green thumb as well, but I didn’t inherit it.


  5. Tammy says:

    Mom, the flowers are beautiful. Both grandmothers were such wonderful ladies. Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures. Happy Mother’s Day to you! Love, Tammy


  6. Ginger Kemp Pruett says:

    What a tribute to both moms, the flowers are gorgeous……Thank you for sharing the post.


    • It’s been fun today, taking the pictures and a little work to post them. Happy Mother’s Day, Ginger. Say hello to your mother for me. You are blessed to still have her. Time goes too fast.


  7. patlaster says:

    I have 4 different colors. A yellow one from a bed planted just last summer. Yours are soooooo pretty. pl

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  8. Catherine Johnson says:

    Beautiful, Freeda! Happy Mother’s Day!


  9. rainbow garden


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