End of 2K14 National Poetry Month

This poem was written in January for the Month of Poetry 2014 and shared on Kathryn Apel’s blog at katswhiskers.wordpress.com. I dedicate it now to poets everywhere.

Flaming Candles

So Long, farewell,
goodbye, my friends.
Keep the
candles of poetry
If by chance, they
do not be discouraged.
Bring them back
to brilliance
with words
only you can create.

© Freeda Baker Nichols

5 comments on “End of 2K14 National Poetry Month

  1. dotlatjohn says:

    Nice way to close Poetry Month. Congratulations on posting every day. I enjoyed it.


    • I’m like, “Now what?” lol I’m sure I’ll find something. The short story or book, whatever it turns out to be, is waiting. Something needs to happen in that work, but, as of today, the muse for that one is silent. I’m wondering what is going on with your character, Thomas. Miss the critique group, since we changed from monthly to quarterly meetings.


  2. Catherine Johnson says:

    Beautiful words to carry us through the year, Freeda.


    • Thanks. Writing and posting daily is always a challenge. Lots of poets step up to the plate and post interesting poems to share with others here on the internet. Catherine, I appreciate you for inviting me to participate in Kathryn Apel’s Month of Poetry back in January. Before that I had not thought to try writing a new poem each day. Good discipline for me.


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