4 comments on “What’s Dirty Farmers?

  1. Ginger Kemp Pruett says:

    I hope my tomato vine has fruit this year, I so look forward every year to having fried green tomatoes. Never see green ones in stores so summer is the only time I get to have them. Last year my tomato vine did not have even one tomato on it, unless my dogs were eating them….


    • One year we started a tomato plant in a container. It was growing and looking good when a cut-worm ate off every leaf. End of that tomato plant! My husband is just not a gardener. If droughts and floods don’t discourage him, the worms and other such critters do! Not to mention that last year, his squash plants grew cucumbers and he hates cucumbers! That was a little humorous. 😦


  2. kayladean says:

    Wow! That place looks so interesting and unique. I’d love to shop there.


    • It is. If you are ever this way, it’s just off the by-pass, on Main Street in Clinton. They have a coffee shop and café. The manager has honored local writers with book signings and sales. She has a time that she reads to children as they sit on a blanket. Really hometown.


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