Hemingway-Pfeiffer Creative Writers’ Retreat

Freeda Baker Nichols, writing on porch of the Pfeiffer House at Hemingway Writers' Retreat

Freeda Baker Nichols on the porch of the Pfeiffer House at Hemingway Writers’ Retreat

The Hemingway-Pfeiffer Creative Writers’ Retreat offers writers inspiration and a quiet time to write. I’ve enjoyed the many retreats I’ve attended there in the quaint town of Piggott, Arkansas. I’ve worked on stories, poems and a book at this lovely estate, and the staff hosted a signing for my first novel at this house in 2012. I can’t say what makes this place an ideal setting for a writers retreat. Maybe it’s because Hemingway once penned some of his stories there in the barn studio. I know my inspiration to write has been renewed each time I’ve attended the retreats.

6 comments on “Hemingway-Pfeiffer Creative Writers’ Retreat

  1. I Wilkerson says:

    This looks like a place that would be inspirational!


  2. Going to HP helped me in many ways! I highly recommend it for getting a boost in your writing and making new friends.


  3. Dot Hatfield says:

    HP is indeed a beautiful and inspiring place. I went there on Spring Break last year and it snowed!


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