Today two viewers signed in to follow my blog.  They are Kate Burton and Linda Baie. One was the 699th to follow me and the other was 700.   I’m happy they chose to follow. And I want to dedicate this poem to them. Thank you both so much.


The mums of purple in the vase of blue
that stands next to the fresh-baked apple pies
and plums, remind me of my child at two.
With hands on hips, she blinked her hazel eyes
and scanned the room as though in great surprise,
then stooped to give her spotted pup a hug.
She planned to trick me with her mock disguise.
She scooped some bitter weeds in broken mug,
and whooped and squealed and gave my heart a tug.
But now she’s grown and has a child of three
who troops right through he door, across the rug,
somehow just like her mama, happily.
She dances through the room a care-free kid,
and glances at me like her mother did.

© 2014, Freeda Baker Nichols

2 comments on “Encore

  1. Linda Baie says:

    Thank you, Freeda! It’s a beautiful poem. I love what it says, and the rhythm of how it says it. Have a wonderful day tomorrow!


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