Who Are The Poets?


Who Are The Poets?

Who but a poet whose talents are rare
can bring out the laughter, also a tear?
Who but the Poets’  Roundtable will care
when one of their members trembles with fear?

Who but a poet can furnish the glue
to hold words together upon the page,
compressed, compacted–a story so true–
to capture attention down through the age?

Some have collected Fair Heaven’s awards;
their poetry, though, shall ever remain
in hearts, anthologies, sharp as new swords,
indelible as the great works of Twain.

Who are these poets that I hold in awe?
Why, they are the Poets’ of Arkansas.

© 2014 Freeda Baker Nichols

One comment on “Who Are The Poets?

  1. I’ve loved being a member of Poets’ Roundtable of Arkansas. Are you connected to a poets’ or writers’ club?


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