4 comments on “Mama Cat & Big Kitten

  1. spunkonastick says:

    Aw! The kitten looks like one of my black cats.


  2. Cute “family picture” 😉 I didn’t realize you own Cougar’s mom…


    • Inger, Cougar’s mom belongs to my grandsons. My son and family live close by and the cats all visit on our porch. Two are theirs and two are ours. Mama cat had two litters before she no longer can have kittens. Our grandson kept one kitten and the mama. I have Cougar and an old yellow cat who is no relation. The mama cat is very sweet, but she is not friendly to the others, even her kittens. She does eat with them, but usually she stays alone around the shop. We like them. I must write a story about them sometime. Or a post, at least with photos.


  3. I could watch them all of the time…they have a regal way about them…


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