Weekly Photo Challenge: One

Bluebird house for rent

A flock of bluebirds came flying in today. They were migrating and our place was a convenient stopover for them, despite the four cats that live around here. One of the male bluebirds clung to a perch on the bluebird house for a while. He looked around as though he might be considering to rent the bluebird house. Perhaps he hoped to put down a deposit that would  hold it until next spring. The other bluebirds left him sitting on the house, and after he contemplated for a while, he, too, took flight and joined his companions winging their way further south. Whether he returns in the spring is anybody’s guess, but if he returns then to build a nest in the little house, I know I shall recognize him by his gorgeous blue feathers and the sparkle in his eyes. He was calm and unhurried as he rejoined the blue flock. —© 2013,  Freeda Baker Nichols

5 comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: One

  1. He’s defiintely contemplating…


  2. dotlatjohn says:

    Almost magic! I love the bluebirds best! I bet he comes back in the spring after staking his claim!


  3. His blue feathers are so bright! Maybe he’ll come back.

    Merry Christmas, Freeda.


  4. Ginger Kemp Pruett says:

    I bet he comes back, nice place to build a nest and the feed must be good too, what more could he want?


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