5 comments on “Wordless Wednesday 12-18-13

  1. You actually caught two woodpeckers! They are so hard to photograph.


    • From my porch, I heard the crash of a dead limb and saw the two woodpeckers, working on the limb that was still attached to the tree. I snapped this shot and one of the birds flew. I managed to get several shots of the remaining bird. Haven’t seen them since that day.


  2. I am loving all of your bird pictures (have been browsing back through older posts–how did I get so far behind?)! I have an ancient telephoto lens for an old film camera that I want to try to get a converter for–New Years project ahead!


  3. the beauty you catch with your camera…


    • These birds caused a large piece of the dead limb to fall with a loud crash. I was on my front porch, and with the telephoto lens I had a perfect shot. They visit our oak trees every summer, but not usually in pairs. So it was a lucky shot.


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