Grandma’s Gift

Baby snuggles beneath the warmth
of a quilt that Grandma made
with pattern from a color book–
animals in a  parade.

Some of them bark, some bite, some dance–
their colors are very bright
and baby loves to sing to them
when he goes to bed at night.

© Freeda Baker Nichols

10 comments on “Grandma’s Gift

  1. You know my babies all liked the hand knit baby blankets best. I never knew how they knew…


  2. Love that a quilt inspired your poem. It’s lovely.


  3. dotlatjohn says:

    I would love to see that quilt! I made my grandchildren’s baby bed linens. What a job, but I didn’t quilt anything. I even made bumper pads. I don’t think I could do it now.


  4. Dot Hatfield says:

    Love this, Freeda. I knitted an afghan for each grandbaby before he/she came. Each family had a different pattern but different colors for each child. Most of them born before we knew the gender. I have continued the tradition, making an afghan for Noah, my great grand.


    • Dot, that is so wonderful and amazing–a great accomplishment. I quilted a baby quilt for one of my grandbabies, and one for the grandchild of a friend. The quilt that inspired the poem was quilted by my mother-in-law for my youngest child.


  5. Ginger Kemp Pruett says:

    “LIKE” 🙂


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