NaBloPoMo#30 Viewpoint, Character, and Plot

“No writer sitting down at his typewriter can be absolutely  sure what will emerge.” This quote is by Foster-Harris in The Basic Patterns of Plot,  Copyright by the University of Oklahoma Press, fifth printing.

At my typewriter, I have found his statement to be true and as much worth remembering as Hemingway’s famous line “all it takes is one true sentence.”

My copy of  “The Basic Patterns of Plot” was in my hands more than it was on the shelf as I studied how to write. The worn copy is still the favorite of my how-to-write books.

From the correspondence writing classes through the University of Oklahoma, and from this book in particular, I learned the basics on viewpoint, character, and plot.

According to Foster-Harris, “The purpose of the viewpoint is to locate, focus, limit, and define the story.”

My novel, Call of the Cadron,  is told from the viewpoint of the protagonist, Jordan Diane Maxey.  A few chapters are presented through the viewpoint of two other characters.

Call of the Cadron came off the press in May 2012. I self-published it through my company, Nic Baker Books.  I still have much to do to market the book but I’m having a good time.  Just to hold my book in my hands is the fulfillment of a dream.

Do you have a favorite book that has helped you through a struggle in writing?

I highly recommend The Basic Patterns of Plot, which is out of print now, but sometimes it’s available as a used book. Even though it may be a costly item, I can tell you it’s  worth it.        —Freeda Baker Nichols



4 comments on “NaBloPoMo#30 Viewpoint, Character, and Plot

  1. dotlatjohn says:

    Hi, Freeda,

    I took a social media break this week while my Georgia kids were here. Last night when I sat down with my Ipad to catch up, I couldn’t get my comments to post on your blog two different times. It may have been the ipad. Sometimes that thing makes me nuts. Anyway, I wanted to tell you I read your posts from this week and as always, enjoyed them.

    I bet you had a good Thanksgiving. We did. Lots of people 23 with some dropping later. Very intense for the day, but good.




    • About the iPad , I have trouble posting with it. I will have it ready to post, and then it locks up and refuses to work for me. Aggravating to have to start over.

      I did have a good Thanksgiving day. Ten people. On Christmas will have all but one. We are 21 in all.

      Thanks for thinking of me. I had missed you, but at this time of year, I knew you were busy and enjoying family visits.


  2. dotlatjohn says:

    I’m impressed with my writer friends who’ve carried their work through to printing and sales. I think you’ve done an admirable job on all counts. I enjoyed your book.


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