Twister is my Name

TwisterWhen I was just a kitten, the Missus wanted to call me Stormy, but the Mister would not agree to that, and so he named me Twister because I twisted when I walked.  Nothing to do with a storm or tornado.  Or so said he, so Missus  agreed to agree. Regardless of that incident, they have given me a good home. I can sleep here in this rocking chair whenever I please. Or whenever it’s stormy. And I can whisper this secret about the Missus. She’s gonna write a story about me. Don’t lose any sleep while waiting. But watch!


Day 10, November 2013

4 comments on “Twister is my Name

  1. What a cutie! I’ve always had a fondness for “blond” kitties!


  2. dotlatjohn says:

    Twister looks like my beloved Benny who kept me company for about six months when I couldn’t walk well because of a stretch ligament. It broke my heart when he died young of some mysterious blood disease. He was the sweetest cat we have ever had, personality plus! I wondered how Twister got his name.


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