Journal Entries by Freeda Baker Nichols

In my 1980 Journal, the following quote is printed in the side bar: “Poetry is such an unlikely way to gain fame or fortune or any external and practical reward that those who go into it at all are beyond ordinary forms of dissuasion.”—-Judson Jerome

Freeda’s Journal Entries:

Monday 13 October l980.  The sumac is beginning to turn red.  It may be late this year due to the drought.  The air is nippy this morning. The sun is bright.  It is a clear, crisp day and hints of winter.

Wednesday 22 October 1980.  The autumn day has been bright with sunlight and red leaves, with orange mixed in them.  The oak leaves and sumac leaves are red now.

I began the bridesmaids dresses for Tammy’s wedding.

Also I worked on the feature for Veteran’s Day.

Saturday 25 October 1980.  Tammy, Tracy, Greg and his wife, Tammy, came home last night.  All of us, and Steve, too, went to Eureka Springs.  There, we ate delicious pizza at Micello’s—and then walked around in some of the shops.  We stopped by an artist’s place.  She was also a poet. She recited two of her poems and Gene (my husband) bought a booklet for $1.55, called “Fly Specks” by Helen Hunt de Levin.

Monday 27 October 1980. It is raining very hard. The sky is dark and heavy with clouds full of water.  It is a day in which I am usually lonely, but the enjoyable week-end with all the kids home filled my heart with such joy that it is lasting over into this dark and rainy day.

Wednesday 29 October 1980.  In the nighttime . . . in the dark and in the nighttime . . .

A writer’s greatest sin is neglecting to write down his/her thoughts, half-thoughts and phrases.

Today is a cool fall day.  The leaves are very bright in their red and gold shades.

© 2013, Freeda Baker Nichols

Sumac, Oct. 2012-- 100

14 comments on “Journal Entries by Freeda Baker Nichols

  1. I WIlkerson says:

    Wish I’d listened to all those people advising me to keep a journal when I was young…


  2. like…a few words describing the day…says a lot!…I have a friend that has always wrote just a thought or two on each day of the calendar …


  3. Catherine Johnson says:

    You’re making me want to write morning pages again. This is wonderful, Freeda.


  4. Really enjoyed the journal entries. And fall is definitely sumac’s season to shine!


  5. Ginger Kemp Pruett says:

    Poems may not bring fame, but it does bring a little happiness into the life of the person who reads them. Love the photo of that beautiful Tree you posted along with the journal entries.


  6. Rita Dortch says:

    I enjoyed the journal entries. I relate to some of the feelings. That’s why I like to read blogs. Often when we feel alone, we find that is another that feels the same way.


  7. patlaster says:

    I hope the sassafras is turning when I get home. Good selection of journal jottings.


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