PROUDLY FREE by Freeda Baker Nichols

Oh gentle breeze that waves my country’s flag
to greet the dawn with red and blue and white.
Please keep Old Glory high—don’t let her sag—
and keep her flying through the darkest night….
When morning has broken, oh breeze blow hard–
unfurl the Stars and Stripes into the air.
While we were sleeping, Armed Forces stood guard
to see that our flag kept waving up there.
With pride may our country honor the cause
of freedom for which we take a brave stand,
remembering the scarlet beneath the gauze
that binds the wounded in a war-scarred land.
If ever your stars become still as stone,
goodbye . . . farewell . . . America, my own!
© 2013  Freeda Baker Nichols

7 comments on “PROUDLY FREE by Freeda Baker Nichols

  1. I appreciate all the followers to my blog. Y’all make blogging worthwhile, when I can share my writing with you, read your writing, and see the photography.


  2. love the Patriotisim… and Old Glory flying high…how beautiful!


  3. dotlatjohn says:

    Beautiful, Freeda. has it been published in the newspaper for one of our national holidays? It should be.


  4. Amen! That is patriotic poem. Wish more people felt that way.


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