Sparrows in a Treetop

DSC_0245 -1

Eighteen sparrows in a treetop
Eighteen sparrows cling to a limb.
Eighteen sparrows wait with patience
for the one who comes to  feed them.

The farmer’s never too busy
to throw the birds some tasty seed.
He’s awake so bright and early,
gives to them all the food they need.

Do you know about the sparrows,
how that our Lord watches their flight?
Not one falls without Him knowing
in the day or in the dark night.

© 2013 Freeda Baker Nichols

18 comments on “Sparrows in a Treetop

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  2. I WIlkerson says:

    I love watching and feeding the birds myself–and my grad school daughter just asked for a bird feeder to hang at her apartment.


  3. just wonderful that you caught the branch of sparrows…and the poem is perfect!


  4. Catherine Johnson says:

    Awh! That’s a very touching poem, Freeda.


  5. dotlatjohn says:

    When you see one, there are usually 18 more around somewhere! As always nice pairing of photo and poem.


  6. spunkonastick says:

    Amen! And that is a pretty photo.


  7. My husband just now read my poem and he said “I hate to tell you this, but there are 19 sparrows.”
    And he’s right. I knew that. I went with the eighteen because of the sound in the poem and the fact that the one sparrow is so well hidden, I thought it wouldn’t be noticed. Does anyone else see the 19th sparrow?


    • Ginger Kemp Pruett says:

      Sorry LOL, I didn’t count them, just enjoyed the photo 😉


      • lol. Trust me, husband was right. There is one barely peeking out from behind the one on the top limb, starting at the right. I can’t see the picture from this window, but if you look really close, maybe enlarge the photo by clicking on it, you can see it. 🙂


  8. Ginger Kemp Pruett says:

    Good poem the photo is very good too


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