A Sequence of Sorts . . . in Haiku

Bluebird - 1Cat 2

cat watching/
bluebird on limb of oak tree/
after August rain/

cat-watching bluebird/
from limb of tall oak tree/
after August rain/

bird-watching cat/
beside ceramic birdbath/
after August rain/

perched on limb of oak/
bluebird cat-watching/
after August rain/

© 2013 Freeda Baker Nichols

12 comments on “A Sequence of Sorts . . . in Haiku

  1. I WIlkerson says:

    Fascinating! You are definitely making me want to study poetry some (if I could just get unburied–sigh)


  2. Lovely. Reminds me of living in the present moment.


  3. spunkonastick says:

    I love that – they are keeping an eye on each other.


  4. Tammy says:

    Love it!!


  5. Catherine Johnson says:

    Reblogged this on Catherine Johnson and commented:
    Clever example of semantics in haiku. Lovely, Freeda!


  6. Catherine Johnson says:

    So clever, Freeda! I’m re-blogging this.


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