If I Were a Writer . . .

DSC_0450 - Copywould I write for all the world to see? Or would I guard my journals fiercely, as though no one else should ever read one paragraph, one poem? But then one day, my works might be discovered molding in a rusty file cabinet, hidden from everyone’s view, except the person who bought the estate, where the old file cabinet still sat in a corner, rusting, molding….

© Copyright, 2013, Freeda Baker Nichols

12 comments on “If I Were a Writer . . .

  1. I love that you use your old journals to draw from in your writing!

    I thought of you the other day when I (sort of) “wrote” a poem. We were sitting on the beach and one of my kids was joking that her sister should get a yellow polka dot bikini instead of her floral one so we could sing the song. Knowing how hard a yellow polka dot bikini is to find (who would think…) I turned it into:

    She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny
    Pink and purple string bikini

    Alas not exactly literary, but it will have to do!


  2. Share by all means…that’s how I met you!


    • I will continue to share. I appreciate the friends I’ve made through my writing, and this blog. How did you find the first post that got us acquainted or did I find your blog? My kids ask me how readers find my blog, and I don’t know exactly how, unless it’s by the tags.


  3. dotlatjohn says:

    Heaven forbid that you shouldn’t share your work. Don’t hide that light under a bushel!


  4. spunkonastick says:

    And then ready or not, your writing is exposed for all to see!


    • 🙂 Looks like it is! Did I get the cart before the horse? Or does that phrase even work here? The stats today are showing views from United States, Sri Lanka, Poland and Denmark. The internet is amazing, isn’t it?


  5. Ginger Kemp Pruett says:

    My opinion is that I would hope that you would write for all the world to see, if a writer doesn’t share the poems, books and so on then I would wonder what would the point of writing be. Writing should be shared by the Author not to hide for future generations to see. But again this is just my thought and opinion.


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