It’s an Ozarks’ Kind of Day in a Writer’s Life

The sun plays hide and sDSC_0088eek above scattered clouds–sometimes causing shade among the sixteen ancient oaks in my yard on this June day. Traveling by on the highway, the cars and trucks are not ancient–some are the latest models equipped with high-speed transmissions, and all of them disturb the quiet morning.

But the Corinthian Bells’ hand-tuned wind chimes move with a gentle sway at the edge of my porch. The resonating sound is pleasant. I sit here writing. And I’m having coffee from a mug inscribed with these words: Sit long, Talk much, Laugh often. The unique mug was given to me by a writer (long time friend) and member of my critique group. To the inscription on the mug, I’d like to add: Write long, Write much,Write often. And start a blog!

© 2013, Freeda Baker Nichols

10 comments on “It’s an Ozarks’ Kind of Day in a Writer’s Life

  1. Sounds so pleasant. I am waiting for school to start and/or our youngest to get her driver’s license to have my coffee and write outside 😉


  2. I love the quiet of nature and the early morning…only to have it disturbed by the garbage truck…or a car racing by… the cost of progress!


  3. patlaster says:

    Hey, that mug looks familiar! I have three more just like it. Your glass-topped table means you don’t have to “invent” a writing “station” that will hold coffee, journal, newspaper, pen/pencil (for the puzzles) and a can of bug spray. Nothing like outdoors in the cool of the early morning to get the creative juices flowing.


    • After I snapped the picture, I noticed my pen and paper are missing. 🙂 So much to think of when blogging with words and photos. Coffee was good in that little cup. Later in the morning, a blue jay baby bird flew or fell from its nest in one of the oaks. I spent a long time photographing it. Pictures will show up on my blog sometime.


  4. Ginger Kemp Pruett says:

    Very good advise on the mug, and I will also say I too think there is something about chimes that sway gently in the breeze that sounds so relaxing, more should take time to listen and dream


  5. CultFit says:

    Love your coffee mug! 🙂


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