Baby Blue Jay’s First Flight

"I got out of my nest, but I can't fly yet."

Baby Blue Jay says, “I got out of my nest, but I can’t fly yet.”

"I want my mommy!"

Baby Blue Jay: “I want my mommy!”

"I'm right here! Stay where you are. There's a cat on the ground."

Mama Bird: “I’m right here! Stay where you are. There’s a cat on the ground.”

"I'm here, too. I'm watching out for you. Hang on there!"

Daddy Bird: “I’m here, too. I’m watching out for you. Hang on there!”

"I'm here, too.  Just waiting."

Cougar: “I’m here, too. Just waiting.”

"That bird learned to fly. But I don't mind.  I'm not hungry, so guess I'll take a nap."

Cougar: “That bird learned to fly. But I don’t mind. I’m not hungry, so guess I’ll take a nap.”

"This is not a tree.  Where am I?"

Baby Blue Jay: “This is not a tree. Where am I?”

© Copyright, Freeda Baker Nichols

All Rights Reserved

This morning, the baby blue jay came out of his nest in an oak tree in my yard.  He either fell or thought he could fly when he could not.  He hopped until he found the small bushes and pines and then he hopped up the side of a small pine tree where I snapped lots of pictures. He spread his wings a little each time he hopped. The parent birds called to him, giving him specific instructions, I’m sure. 🙂 Of course, Cougar, my cat, showed up to see what the birds were chattering about. I left the birds alone, and later I found the blue jay’s nest high on the oak limb. One baby bird is in the nest. But it’s probably not the one who had tried his wings.  I didn’t see him again, but I feel sure he is safe among the oak leaves with his parents nearby.

7 comments on “Baby Blue Jay’s First Flight

  1. spunkonastick says:

    Glad he got back up the tree before your cat appeared. I got to watch something similar at my in-law’s house in Arkansas a few years ago. Baby blue birds are just adorable.


  2. dotlatjohn says:

    I’ve watched Blue Jays go after a cat. Probably a good thing Cougar didn’t try!


  3. Love your baby bird. I can see that Cougar does too (as would Ollie)!


  4. great photos…yes…I’m sure they are close by…Have watched our babies leave the nest and Mom and Dad were always near…


    • This morning, the bird nest looks empty, so perhaps the other little blue jay has also learned to fly. The blue jays build in the oaks and their nests never look secure. Often, the baby birds fall out before they are quite ready to fly. We have robins, too, but seldom ever see their nests or young ones.


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